MMS Strips - MW Tall

MMS Strips - MW Tall

MMS Scheduling Strips - MW Tall

If you use Movie Magic Scheduling 5, you can download and import this strip layout. It features automatic highlighting of script day, location, script page, background performers, vehicles, stunts, effects and animals inline on each strip.

Strip MW Tall is like Strip MW Short on steroids. The extra space allows for much more information. In addition to allowing a two-line scene description, the strip's center column features script day, location and script page fields. Like it's shorter cousin, Tall provides counts of background performers and picture vehicles as well as fields highlighting stunts, effects and animals. The strip also allows for up to 23 cast members on two lines.

Check out the screen shot at the left and you'll be able to see the strip in action.

Strip MW Tall Minimum System Requirements

Strip MW Tall has the following minimum system requirements:

  • Movie Magic Scheduling 5

Give it a try today! We promise that you will love it!

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